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Our conviction is simple; we aim to help your business achieve maximized success by providing the valuable services you need at a reasonable cost. If a business must be optimized it should be done to its full extent.

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Why Pryco Global

Pryco Global Inc provides wide range of services throughout Alberta. Our principle is whatever we do, we do it efficiently and to the utmost satisfaction of our customer.  Our services allow financial institutions, developers/owners and designers to apply effective controls and accountability to the project development process from the planning stage, through construction and in the management of successfully completed projects. We strive to be Canada’s leading and most trusted provider of cost, value and project management services.


We strongly recommend owners to adopt a Lean construction approach from conceptual stage, as this will save cost and time overrun of any type of construction project. PRYCO’s leader has experience in working in three continent in oil & energy, infrastructure and commercial construction. PRYCO offers services in Quantity Surveying, Project Monitoring, Project Cost Management software, Building Condition Inspection, Environmental site Assessment Phase I& II. Project Management, Loan Monitoring, Cost Management, Scheduling, Change Management, Risk Management, Estimation Software

How do we do this


How much more successful could your organization be if it was able to use our Estimation & Project Cost Management Software to determine, in advance, which projects would likely run into cost, schedule, or resource overruns?


How much more successful could your organization be if it was able to test numerous project design, staffing, and scheduling scenarios to assess what specific course of action was most likely to achieve project objectives? And further, to benchmark current project performance against industry or organizational trendlines?


How much more successful could your organization be if it was able to plan detailed and accurate project roadmaps, allocate resources, proactively address risk, and determine total cost of ownership from concept, through design, development, production, operation, and support — in one quarter of the time it takes you now?


How much more successful could your organization be if it was able to monitor actual project progress against expected outcomes (cost, effort, schedule and quality), to determine what (if any) mid-course corrective actions are most likely to get your project back on track without compromising project objectives.

PRYCO Global was used for Hard Dollar Implementation and training at Stantec and I found them to be very professional and knowledgeable! I would refer them for Cost Management, Project Management, Project Controls and Hard Dollar training and Implementation!


We have great experience with Pryco Global.Very prompt and professional and good thing was that job for completed within the timelines .Strongly recommend them



we provide

Quantity Surveying, Project Monitoring, Project Cost Management, Building Condition Inspection, Structural Design and Inspection, Geo-technical Investigation, Environmental site Assessment Phase I & II.

Let us help you grow Your business


Let us help you grow Your business

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