Why a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is required before any significant land purchase or building development.

Environmental Site Assessment

When selecting a new project, either a residential, commercial, or large-scale land development, environmental due diligence, specifically a Phase I Site Assessment, is a critical step in choosing the right property. Developers, investors, and users may focus on the location, the structural integrity of the building, or the value of the commercial property, but performing the appropriate environmental […]

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What is a Building Condition Assessment and When Do You Need One?

Building Condition Assessment

A Building Condition Assessment objective is to outline physical deficiencies in that property and recommend repair and replacement cost. The standard guide for carrying out the Building Condition Assessment is ASTME_2018-15. The Building Condition Assessment comprises of: Walkthrough a survey to identify physical deficiencies of the property Document Reviews and Interviews – Document reviews, research, […]

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Interesting Things about Project Quantity Surveyor that can Help Your Business Grow

Quantity Surveyor

We are constantly asked what exactly is a Professional Quantity surveyor? We are not land surveyors or building surveyors; we measure the costs and quantities of all of the materials involved in constructing a building. We are construction industry professionals with expert knowledge of construction costs and contracts. The list of services that a Quantity […]

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