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1.Communicate Goals Clearly

Successful construction management requires clear  communication of project goals among all team members. Clearly communicating the  project goal and vision ensure that the entire team is on the same board and well equipped to assist the company’s goals. Keeping everyone properly informed about the  project goal makes the project team much more focused on their work. When the  project teams are aligned around a common goal, they can easily track their work  progress, which supports them to be more productive, encouraged, and motivated. It has been seen that historically projects fail because of communication gaps. 

2. Effective Design

The key to project success is an effective and efficient design. Before finalizing the  design, all the stakeholders involved should be consulted, and the scope of work should  be finalized. 

3. Realistic Project Budget

A realistic project budget should be prepared. The project budget depends on the level  of design available. If the design is complete, then the final project budget should be  prepared. Based on the final design, a competitive RFP process should be in place to get  the most competitive proposal. 

4. Experience

It is important to select only contractors with past experience to do the job. It is not  always necessary that the lowest bidder is the most competitive bidder. 

5. Create Efficient Construction Project Plan

A construction plan is a master plan that  develops communication protocols, defines work scope, allocates resources, establishes  deadlines, and guarantees that the construction project adheres to all project  milestones, financial constraints, and quality requirements. An efficient construction  plan is significant to keeping the project on schedule and within budget. 

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6. Tailor Tracking to Project Risks

Tracking and follow-up should be tailored to all  potential project risks for successful construction project management. Risk  management is a systematic action of managing and controlling the uncertainties  surrounding projects in order to alleviate threats and maximize opportunities. Tailoring  project risk management or risk tracking helps in tracking and evaluating the  effectiveness of risk mitigation processes against established project risk metrics at all  project stages of the project. Tailoring project risk management involves identification,  analysis, planning, monitoring, and communicating potential risks.

7. Change Management

The signed contract in place should clearly specify the change  management procedure. A clear scope of work with 100 percent designs before the  construction starts will reduce the number of change orders issued, thus reducing the  probability of cost overrun of the budget. 

8. Make safety a priority

Efficient construction project management plays a huge role  in the safety, health, and welfare of the public, and as a result, factoring safety in  construction is paramount. In effective construction project management, the  priority should be the safety and health issues of workers and all other stakeholders  while designing a project and managing the construction. Though minimizing the  injury rate at the construction site and during the whole life of the construction  period is mostly in the hands of all the stakeholders involved in the project,  however, the proper planning of construction project management is also vital here.  Most of the case studies indicate that minimizing the fatality rate towards zero is a  challenging task; however, it is achievable if all the construction methodologies and  safety measures are properly maintained. 

9. Lead and take everyone with you: 

Taking ownership of the project is one of the key  aspects of successful construction project management. Stay close to the project  team and strengthen their professional and personal relationships. This type of  relationship will help instill immense trust in you and motivate and empower them  to achieve company goals and enhance the business reputation. 

10. Understand How to Get the Best Out of Your Team: 

One of the best ways to increase  work efficiency and reduce project costs is by bringing out the best in your team. Hire  competent project management professionals. Knowing the strengths of each person on  the project team and making the most effective use of those skills helps to complete  projects on time and within budget and increases the company’s profitability.

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Ataur Rahman

President at prycoglobal
Ataur Rahman is the president at Pryco Global Inc (PRYCO). He has more than a decade of experience in the leadership role, majorly into Oil & Energy and Heavy Civil & Commercial Construction Projects. He has turned around a couple of loss-making businesses unit into profit centers through effective Cost Management, Process Improvement, Business Strategy Realignment, Reorganizing Organizational Structure.
Ataur Rahman