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Pryco Global Inc can help its Client as construction cost estimator for various types of projects, like commercial, industrial, roads, bridges, underground services. PRYCO can help as construction estimator from inception of the project-to the completion of the project.


We can help our client as construction cost estimator when the project is at its conceptual stage and the Client is looking to finalize the preliminary budget for seeking either government funding or private financing. As Construction Estimator the Client can use our services for various stages of design process to provide different classes of estimate. The construction estimator can prepare the final budget when the design is 90% complete for getting a competitive price from the contractor and comparing with the estimate. The construction cost estimator also can help prepare the tender document for competitive bidding process. Once the contractor is finalised the construction estimator can support the Client during construction for tracking the project through project control process to ensure that the project is completed within time and budget.

Cost Consultants


  • The definition of Project Management is defined as Project Management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value to people.
  • Essentially, projects are temporary efforts to create value through unique products, services, and processes. Some projects are engineered to quickly resolve problems. Others require extended timelines to produce outcomes that will not need major improvements outside of projected maintenance—like public highways.
  • A project goes through the process of initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control and closeout of the project.
  • Construction cost estimator can help the Client from the initiation phase to close out phase to successfully complete a project within time ad approved budget.

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Our primary services are

  • Cost Planning- A conceptual cost estimates at the beginning of the project is prepared to establish the project budget.
  • Cost Management- Throughout the design process various cost estimates are prepared including the one when design is finalized. That becomes the project budget which can be used to seek funding and seek price estimate from the contractors to evaluate and compare with the Client’s project budget.
  • Project Cost Monitoring- As construction cost estimator we provide the Client and the financial institutions with project cost monitoring services during the construction phase.
  • Cost Control- When any changes happen in a project, we can evaluate the contractor’s additional cost claim and provide our recommendation as whether the cost submitted are accurate or need adjustment.
  • Material take-off and pricing- We can carry out material take off from the drawing, prepare a bill of quantity for the contractor or the Client and also provide a cost estimate along with preparing a construction schedule.

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Which is the best approach for estimation?

The type of estimate depends upon at what stage the project is and how much information is available for preparing the estimate. If the project information is very limited then analogous estimating technique can be used. When there is enough information then parametric estimating technique can be used.

How do you estimate construction costs?

The approach to construction cost estimate depends onat what stage of the construction project the estimate is prepared. What type of project is being built. When prepared for the Owner if it is Class % estimate the cost consultant/contractor can use its data base to come up with an estimate which is called analogous estimating. When most of the project information is available then parametric estimating technique can be used to prepare an accurate cost estimate.

What are the basic types of cost estimating?

As per ASTM E2516-11 the estimates are classified in five classes.

Class 5- The degree of accuracy is from -30% to +50%, project definition 0% to 2%

Class 4- The degree of accuracy is from -20% to +30%, project definition 1% to 5%

Class 3- The degree of accuracy is from -15% to +20%, project definition 10% to 40%

Class 2- The degree of accuracy is from -10% to +15%, project definition 30% to 70%

Class 2- The degree of accuracy is from -5% to +10%, project definition 70% to 100%

What tools do estimators use?

In order to come up with accurate estimate the three things need to be prepared accurately. A detailed quantity take off for which various software are used. The accurate cost estimate also depends on the project duration; hence a realistic construction schedule should be prepared either in MS Project or Primavera. There are various estimating software and depends whether it is a vertical construction or horizontal construction. A good estimating software will reduce estimating time, help in sharing data and reduce error.