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Pryco Global is a professional quantity surveying firm managing the project delivery from its inception to completion of the construction project with the help of consultant quantity surveyor. We prepare forecasts, statements of expenditure, cash flow projections, as well as contractual documentation for our clients. Also, cater to providing quantity surveying services, program management, cost and commercial management. Serving as a leading Quantity Surveyor Consultant in Edmonton & Vancouver, Pryco Global calculates the initial, interim and final payments for the contractors based on the satisfactory completion of the assigned work as per the valuation date.

As a professional construction quantity surveyor, Pryco Global has acquired comprehensive knowledge of construction methods, laws relating to construction projects and accounts providing sound financial advice to our potential customers.

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PRYCO, as a professional construction quantity surveyor, offers varied quantity surveying services that are aimed at delivering the most competitive and realistic budget to our client. A realistic budget solves most of the cost overrun issues in the construction industry. Our range of services includes:



PRYCO offers Cost Estimation services for our clients. Depending on at what stages the project is, we offer an appropriate level/class of estimate based on client requirements. We will advise on constructability, escalation, contingency, cashflow, and life cycle cost to minimize project risk and maximize project value.

Project Monitoring

Project Monitoring

Construction projects are exposed to a variety of risks and uncertainties. Our professional project quantity surveyor follows the best practices of Project Monitoring to mitigate financial risks and protect the interests of the lenders through the development process.

Project Supervision

Project Supervision

Ensure that work is executed as per projects scope of work, project specification and control quality of the project. Services provided for Oil & Energy Civil Construction, Residential & Commercial Construction. Infrastructure works like Roads & Bridges, Water Treatment plant with network, Sewage treatment plant with network.

Project Management

Project Management

One of the major causes for project cost and time overrun is management of change. Effective change management system can save considerable project time and cost. PRYCO has experience in managing change thereby can minimize the project risk.

Risk Analysis & Management

Risk Analysis & Management

Most projects end up with cost overrun. PRYCO offers a systematic approach to project risk management and identifies the key risk in the project through quantitative and qualitative risk analysis and can therefore come up with the right strategy to mitigate them.



We offer scheduling services. We come up with more realistic schedules showing the critical path with man-hour required. Whether you need a MS project or P6 we can provide both. PRYCO offers scheduling for Oil& Energy, Residential & Commercial and in the Infrastructure sector.

Why Choose Prycoglobal as yous Next Quantity Surveyor in Edmonton,calgary, VANCOUVER

Pryco Global is a professional quantity surveying firm in Edmonton, Calgary & Vancouver managing the project delivery from its inception to completion of the construction project with the help of a consultant quantity surveyor. We help our clients in delivering the project within time and budget.

  • We help the clients in delivering the projects within their budget and time.
  • We provide a realistic estimate based on what stage the design is. A reliable estimate is a first step in delivering a project within the approved budget.
  • Our project controls team ensures that the project is delivered within the approved budget and stipulated time.
  • Whatever we do we do it efficiently and to the utmost satisfaction of our client.

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Who is a Quantity Surveyor?

A Quantity Surveyor is a construction industry professional with comprehensive knowledge of construction costs and contracts. They are the cost consultants who know all the trades. They keep projects on time and on budget.

What do quantity Surveyors do?

Depending on the role the Quantity surveyor can prepare and review the budget from the design stage to the construction phase. Prepare contract documents; prepare a bill of material by taking off quantities from the drawing. It can also prepare progress invoices; manage contract change orders, review, and resolve contractual issues of the project.

What is the role of a quantity surveyor in a construction site?

The Quantity Surveyor is a professional who works in the field of construction management by providing effective cost control for the project. It manages all changes and tracks delay if any on the project. It also manages contractual relationships between various parties involved in the project.

How much does a quantity surveyor cost?

CIQS has provided guidelines for cost. Less than a one-million-dollar project the QS can charge an hourly fee. Projects over one million a percentage of the total cost is charged. It really depends on the role, nature, and complexity of the project.

What are the differences between a cost estimator and a quantity surveyor?

A cost estimator‘s role is to prepare an estimate of the project. There are various classes of estimates that can be prepared. The type of estimate depends at what stage the estimate is prepared. Estimators are involved mostly pre construction phase. A Quantity surveyor plays a wider role. He can be involved from pre-construction to construction and handover of the project.